I AM - David Long


Art History

Art is something that has always come easy to me. I have been a talented artist since before I have memories. My parents like to tell stories of preschool teachers pulling them aside when they came to pick me up saying "I want to show you what your child has done". They thought I was going to be in trouble until presented with the art I had made in class that day. "Oh, pretty good" they would say, then the teacher would say "No. you don't understand. This is what the other kids made today."  - "OH! They are not very good are they" said my parents. "No. it's your son that is special" - lol Def the kind of story you can hear someones parent telling... So I went to gifted and talented programs for drawing and took a handful of pastel lessons but it was mostly treated as no big deal that I was artistic my whole life even to the point where I didn't make that much art for a lot of years.

In high school I learned Photoshop and some other cool Digital Art software and now from time to time I make Art for other Musicians (including my own) Album Covers, Web Sights, Posters, etc. and that can be great fun as long as the person your working for is not too picky or fussy. That sucks all the Joy out of it - and that is probably why I am not a professional Graphic designer, but if you do want some work done let me know. I mostly like working with other artists

In my early 20's I decided to try my hand at painting and most of what you find on this page is what has come of it. - I think much of the work I have done so far has been teaching myself how to paint, and different experiments in color balance. I find it to be both an exercise in creativity and patience as well as a great thing to do while listening to audio books. ( I love balancing taking in information with an output of personal expression as a form of cross training)

I love painting. I feel out of all the things I do it can be the most accessible to the most people.

My biggest influences are Surrealism, Graffiti, and Religious Imagery


Musical History

I have always loved music, but when I was young, like 3-6 and I first started listing to it I think I was more interested in dancing and preforming to it, I was good at memorizing the words the musical understanding of key, pitch, and rhythm where not really thought to me, but as I got a bit older in middle school I got more into Rap and Hip Hop and this was the first music that I ever actually preformed. Just did a couple of raps with church groups and school, but really at that time in my life I was a DJ. Once at a school dance, but mostly at these dance parties at a local family fun center. (I also learned to B-Boy or break dance a bit too at that time) At that time in my life I was all about studying the history of music and it's influences as well as trying to stay on top of what was new and cool at the time.  For a long while Music was my whole life. The most important thing.

In high school I started to get into more Indie/Rock/Alt/Metal/Punk/Ska and especially acoustic music. I learned to play guitar, started playing with my church youth group, writing and recording really bad 1 take songs on sound recorder, and eventually started bands of my own. Eventually bands broke up and my GF and later wife (now ex-wife) Candy Lee and I started writing, playing, and recording together in an Acoustic project call 50 cent trade. We made a full length album called moonlit walk (which I highly doubt you will be able to find anywhere) and I learned a lot about the recording process and how expensive it is to pay people to record you, and how there is a lot of creating the song that is done by the people who are running the computers, standing between you and your song. - It was after this that I got a MAC computer with GarageBand and Candy and I started to record ourselves. This is when I started to get back into Hip Hop, it's also when Candy started to get more into folk, and this is when we first started growing apart stylistically. (Though we still helped each other with writing, collaboration, and production up until 2013 on tracks that have come out up until 2015. (BTW - I think Candy Lee is a very talented musician, and I wish her all the best. We learned a lot together about music and life. I know I wouldn't be who I am without her, and I am sure she would say the same.)

Now I have recorded 6 Solo Albums and I am focusing on playing shows, building my fan base, and trying to find like minded artist to collaborate with.

I have also made a video talking about my musical influences, and history through the lends of Spiral Dynamics. This video also helps to put put my current projects in perspective as well.

My top 5 Musicians/Bands/Emcees at the moment: The Mars Volta, Saul Williams, KRS-ONE, Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), and Run The Jewels


Film History


Religious & Philosophical History