I AM - David Long


Nomads - Invisible Pyramid

In June Nomads Invited me back to do a live painting mural for them and that was a lot of fun. So if you do get to go to Nomads check out the Artifact that I got to leave on there wall. Big up to Jeremy and Britney who have both been so good to me. If you get the chance defiantly go to Nomads and appreciate there Veg/Vegan Friendly Menu, the cool people and awesome staff, and laid back atmosphere. - And of coarse this painting.

it was a real pleasure to meet and hang out with Caleb Quin and you should go right now and check out his work. Extra thanks to Joy Tatem for being my assistant for the day and big thanks to Nomads and Brittany Cusanek, who it was also a pleasure to get to paint with on this day!


Golden Sunrise

This painting lives at my moms house. She likes my more realistic work and it makes me happy to know that everyday the light from this picture can be a part her life.

This painting is an open widow to a bright beautiful golden new day. - With a Golden Ratio built in. Somehow it's realistic and impressionistic at the same time. It was an experiment and I am quite happy with the result.


Starry Night Over City Waters



Painted on a cork-board and sold to my friend David Larson. Here he is with it:


Mother Nature


This is one of my first paintings that I made for my mom. It's an image of a mother introducing her child to the beauty of the goddess in nature.

She had it hidden behind her desk. I think maybe because she is a christian, and she is kinda prude. So a naked lady in the sky is probably kinda off putting to her. I think I could make it better now, but I think the idea is good. To bad it gets no love from the person I made it for.