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RE: Ken Wilber on Jordan Peterson & Sam Hariris on Rebel Wisdom

When I saw Ken Wilber (the founder of Integral philosophy) on some very popular Rebel Wisdom YouTube video say that Jordan Peterson was Integral and that Sam Harris is basically some kind of "materialistic reductionist" I felt very compelled to correct him. In this video I try to explain and compare each of their worldviews (where they are doing good and where they are going wrong) from an integral perspective. I hope you enjoy it: (In a few days I will also probably break this video into clips. So a video just about Peterson and just about Harris.)

Power Of Myth Review!

This is going to be really cool! I hope you will join the "I AM - David Long's Friends & Fans" FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IAMDavidLongFans and participate (much like a book club) by watching the chapters, listening to the reviews, and participating in the comments and Q&A sections.

Intro Videos:

I tell you that I am starting a new collaborative channel and that is where you can find Integral Review Live and our series on "Joseph Campbell's The Power Of Myth" - For those of you who don't know; in these very special episodes of Integral Review Live Aljoša Kutnjak and I did a LIVE, book club style review, every week in the I AM - David Long Friends & Fans Facbook group (join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IAMDavidLongFans) for all 6 parts of Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth (now on Netflix).

Episode 1:

Frank Visser Interview:

I sent Frank Visser, founder of http://www.integralworld.net, some questions, and he sent me some back some answers. I share and comment on Frank's content in hopes he will respond back and we can talk about these ideas more.

Join the FB group and join the conversation:

Questions I asked Frank:
3:46 What is your Experience of the Integral Community?
9:08 What would you Idealistically like to see Integral do or be in the world?
12:28 What would you say to people who call you Orange?
16:30 What's your idea of spirituality?
27:46 What are the main areas of criticism on the Integral World webpage?
30:33 What do you say to people who say that Integral World is not the home of good criticism?
32:33 Can you make a brief list of ways Ken Wilber gets Science wrong?
35:02 Why does it matter to you?
36:39 What is the future of Integral?

Update AQAL!

In my Davidian vs Wilberian AQAL video I put out a new Integral map, and invited the integral community to help refine the map more in public. This has prompted several submissions, and so far my personal favorite was submitted by Oliver Amorowson: https://youtu.be/HeasoDoOYmQ This is my response to his video and an attempt to explain how we can potentially see the quadrants in several more nuances ways! And then I kick off a more in depth system of refinement that YOU can get involved with and make your submissions too at: https://www.reddit.com/r/UpdateAQAL/


I very much enjoy this series of videos because I get to directly engage with my fans:

02:42 Skillful Integration and healthy development: Different ways to engaging with people and to help individuals & culture to evolve
09:30 Does healthy translation block transformation?
10:04 What would a Transformative Integral religion look like? What would an Integral world of the future look like?
12:06 Recap of what we have said so far
12:27 Work from the inside/agreement
14:12 Are people Integral cognitively but still need to go back and work on other lines?
15:30 Simplicity on the other side of complexity - Integral Theory is easy!
18:44 Men & Women in relation to maturity.
21:03 Being well rounded matters
23:10 Do most people that claim to be Integral represent it well?
28:49 Wrap up - Thanks to supporters!
28:55 People need motivation to move outside of their comfort zones.
30:27 Problems with "3rd tier"

01:37 Reading list:
02:13 Everyday Lines & Multitasking - Integral Life Practice
03:44 Joseph Campbell
03:50 Krishnamurti
03:56 Eckhart Tolle - Power of Now
04:27 Sam Harris
04:37 Ken Wilber
04:54 Bart Ehrman
6:40 Malcolm Gladwell
6:50 Nietzsche6:54 Partially Examined Life Podcast: https://partiallyexaminedlife.com
08:16 TTC- The Great Courses: Esp. Interpreting the 20th Century: The Struggle Over Democracy: Pamela Radcliff & Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication: Bart D. Ehrman
09:11 Radiolab: https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/radiolab
10:40 Saul Williams
11:47 KRS-ONE
12:06 Integral Leadership Rosetta Stone and Integral Management
14:44 Are some Holon more important? - Fundamental vs Significant
16:48 Is Integral Theory Synthetic or Analytic Philosophy?
18:38 Is my music Integral?
19:05 Eminem KamikazE - Tyler the Creator & the changing Zeitgeist
19:44 "Bad" Words
21:03 Musical Intelligence and I dance around
23:22 Wrap Up - Up and Coming Projects

0:28 - Updates - VLOGS, Interviews w/ Daniel Fox, editing down the Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson talks, Patreon Updates, my new video goals, 3R Productions
8:03 - Loneliness, Dealing with the heaviness of life, and the value of community
9:57 - Why can't people see stages until integral?
12:06 - Why isn't Green more Rational if they just came from that stage?
16:51 - How does one grow into Integral?
19:22 - Fluctuation in growth - Take your time and do the work
20:57 - Living Red and paying lip service to Blue or Green.
22:37 - How can Integral wisdom help the Zeitgeist Movement? Integral governance and marketing tools.
27:45 - Like, subscribe, support, buy merch, thank you, peace!

0:17 Updates - Davidian vs Wilberian Integral and other videos
1:47 https://www.reddit.com/r/UpdateAQAL/ - How we can work on the map together
4:48 What should and shouldn't be on an AQAL map
6:25 All living creatures are on the spiral!
7:21 Is Integral anti-theist? - Trans-Rationality/Integral Epistomology
8:31 How can we compare and validate our experaince/knowledge - IMP
9:39 Hard Agnosticism and an honest start vs working backwards from Dogma
10:04 Integral Methodological Pluralism or Zones
10:44 Can we say we know our map is complete or true?
12:16 Ken Wilber perverts his map and betrays his project
13:36 Ken Wilber Dis-track? Disrespectful of Fun?
15:22 Can we know things without good evidance? The limits of personal experaince and relative language and our inability to get at the absolute truth.
18:21 A Quick Integral Assessment: General Altitude, Different lines
20:54: Why is it important to have some idea of someones general altitude pretty quickly? - Be skillful for other people
21:45 Green pitfalls in "COEXIST"
22:18 Maintaining healthy stages vs maintaining a historical cultural expression of a stage
22:47 Wrapping up: Love for the group!