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Some Thoughts On Editing:

In my newest video I talk about Editing: flow, motivations behind speeding up and slowing down, context and what it would look like to see only the normally edited out "moments of uncertainty"

What You Talkin' 'Bout Wilber:

I recently started a new series of videos critical of Ken Wilber called "What You Talkin' 'Bout Wilber" Starting with an intro video that sets my intention and motivation, and so far I have made videos about "Integral Evolutionary Spirituality" and "I AMness before the Big Bang" but I intend to make several move videos about an unhealthy relationship with science, 3rd tier, states, magical thinking, and what I am calling the "trans-rational benefit of the doubt" etc.

I will also be doing some interviews around this series. So far I know I will be talking with Michael Dowd and Frank Visser, but keep an eye out for more!

Integral Creative Friction

I have been having an ongoing back and forth with Corey W. DeVos about the importance of Peer Review in the Integral community and the ways Ken Wilber compromises the integrity of the Integral Project. Corey is the Editor, Designer, Writer, and Producer of IntegralLife.com. He is also the Managing Editor of KenWilber.com. My most recent response was published on Integral World (Big thanks to Frank VIsser) http://www.integralworld.net/long1.html and I also made an Audio/Video version of the note that you can check out here:

More Vlogs

Yeah, I havn't been great about making a post for each Vlog or even really doing a Vlog a week. My life is hectic and unorganized at the moment but I hope I will better get into the swing of things here soon enough.

Purple Tribe is something I am very excited about getting going. I also have some other clips just talking about purple tribe if you want to share. - If you want to get involved join the Facebook groups and start wearing purple!

I AM making a Weekly VLOG:

I recently started making a weekly VLOG. In this VLOG I share more personal thoughts, food I like to make, as well as music and art. In the future I will make an update weekly here for each new VLOG, but for now you can check out my first 3:

Soul, Self, Awakening, Ghosts, Afterlife, & Reincarnation

I made a new video that talks about what our current best knowledge has to say about Soul, Self, Awakening, Ghosts, Afterlife, & Reincarnation, separating fact from fiction as well as exploring what poetic truth these ideas might hold. 

We start by trying to put humans in context, Introducing the idea of the holon an holarchy, as well as different ideas about cosmology on the outside, and archetypes of the collective unconscious on the inside. 

Then we talk about "awakening", how our relationship with our own inner archetypes can be problematic, unhealthy, pathological, and unconscious, or how we can consciously create and project into "higher archetypes" and refine over time by taking creative control of our life! 

Next we go to a haunted house and talk about Ghosts, the logic around it and what REALLY might be going on with some Help from the famed UK mentalist Darren Brown. 

Then we go to Heaven, & as we leave we talk about why taking heaven literally is such a bad idea, as well as what a metaphorical translation might look like. (and how it relates back to what we have been talking about in terms of "awakening" or "the blanket") We even talk about some of these "back from heaven" type stories. We talk about what happens when we die. Now that we have deconstructed the self the question is "what happens to who?" or "who dies?" and how the lesson of death is to appreciate what we have while we have it. 

Lastly we talk about Reincarnation, we work to put the ideas in their context (their relation to racism and the Hindu cast system) and then look at the logical problems and how we can know it's not literally true, as well as how it might poetically be true. I hope you enjoy it.

Sam Harris
Kevin Afflerbach (on George Herbert Mead) 
Genpo Roshi
Joseph Campbell
Robert Masters
Andrew Cohen
Derren Brown
Michael Shermer
Anthony Fantano
Cornell West

And I also have broken it into some clips:

On Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson:

I finally finished my newest video about episodes featuring Jordan Peterson on Sam Harris' "Waking Up" podcast relating to Epistemology and Different Types of Truth in part 1, and the relative nature of languadge, meaning, symbolism, and appropriate vs inappropriate uses of symbolism in part 2. I hope you enjoy it.

Other video clips to come out of this video are a short 5 min intro to Integral Metaphysics and a short video about The difference between Trans-Gender and Role Confusion:

I also painted a portrait of Sam Harris to go along with the philosophy video (and re-mixed his podcast theme song) and here is a video timelaps of that painting:

New Videos:

I have some other new songs, shows, and more videos coming out but for now here are my 3 most recent new videos:

My buddy Aljoša Kutnjak interviews Artist, Musician, Philosopher, and Founder of the Integral Emergentist rEvolutionary Movement, I AM - David Long (me) for his Slovenian podcast "Začni Razmišljat" or the "Start Thinking Podcast". We talk briefly about my personal history and then get into topics of Integral theory, Pre/Trans distinctions and a skillful use of religious symbolism, problems and potentials within our Integral community, as well as The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and "what to do about Islam?" ect.

I have been working on more "Intro to Integral Theory" material because it is so badly lacking. I started by making a 6 min Intro video and that has almost 4,000 views. So I have been working on more short but in-depth videos with examples and links so people can dig in and see the theory actually at work in the world to hopefully understand it better. Here is my part 1 on Quadrants. (Levels, Lines, States, and Types still to come.) Enjoy:

In one of my newest videos I convert and older written article into a video. It was a bit of a change and an experiment but I hope you like it. You can find the origional not towards the bottom of my philosophy page. It's about why a metaphorical translation or interpretation of Christianity is more appropriate, and more true than the orthodox, literal, and historical read of scripture/mythology. - Featuring: Bart Ehrman, Michael Dowd, and Joseph Campbell.