I AM - David Long


New Web Page, and New Shows!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here. - I'll spare you the boring details, but I hope you like it.

So what else is new?
Well, I have been playing some shows and doing some fun/cool art stuff!

My most recent show was at The Dickson Social Club downtown Fayetteville AR with Thunderman and DJ's AUSIO and Meesh. Despite a couple sound issues it was a fun show. Big thanks to Oscar Torres and Allison Dean! Check out this short clip from the show:

On 8/15 Allison Dean and I did some live painting at the social club as well. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures but we are still working on the painting and I will post a picture when it is finally finished.

I Also had a show at Terra Studios on 9/11/16. It was a great time at a great place. (I like playing music outside) Big thanks to Val Gonzalez and Allison Dean! I not only got to preform my music but I also got to set up a tent for my Art and do some live painting.


On Aug 3 I put out a New Philosophy Video about how Friedrich Nietzsche's Ideas about "Slave Morality and Master Morality" relates to Christian and Pagan/Satanic Symbolism and other related dualities including Jedi vs Sith and Samurai vs Ninja, an Idea of synthesis through the lens of The Aristotelian Golden Mean, and finally Non-duality "Being and Becoming" "Absolute and Relative" "Horizontal and Vertical" represented in these religious traditions in practice.

Friedrich Nietzsche (school of life), Anton LeVey, Douglas Mesner (a.k.a. Lucien Greaves), Joseph Campbell, Aristotle (school of life), Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Michael Dowd, Mark Passio

Also in Aug I spent some time working on this track for my Friend  Maia Spring , an artist/musician/poet who lives in San Diego, CA. Click the pic to check out her work!

Also in Aug I spent some time working on this track for my Friend Maia Spring, an artist/musician/poet who lives in San Diego, CA. Click the pic to check out her work!


May 28th my first show was at Nomads in here in Fayetteville, AR and I had some time to prepare so I made a Music Video Invitation. Check it out:

It was a great time, chill vibes, and I met some cool people young and old who really resonated with what I talk about in my music and we had some great conversation before and after. An older man saw my banner from the street through the front window and he felt called in by it and he stayed through my whole show, danced, got into it, and even bought my Albums. It was very encouraging, especially because It was/is a big fear of mine that most people, especially older people would if anything be offended by my lyrics, and it's nice to know that in some cases my message is powerful enough that it can resonate with people who wouldn't normally even listen to rap.

For the whole month of May my art was hanging at Nomads as well so Nomads really showed me love and showcased my work. Big up to Jeremy and Britney who have both been so good to me. If you get the chance defiantly go to Nomads and appreciate there Veg/Vegan Friendly Menu, the cool people and awesome staff, and laid back atmosphere.


Then In June Nomads Invited me back to do a live painting mural for them and that was a lot of fun. So if you do get to go to Nomads check out the Artifact that I got to leave on there wall. Enjoy some pictures of this

it was a real pleasure to meet and hang out with Caleb Quin and you should go right now and check out his work. Extra thanks to Joy Tatem for being my assistant for the day and big thanks to Nomads and Brittany Cusanek, who it was also a pleasure to get to paint with on this day!