I AM - David Long


New Videos:

I have some other new songs, shows, and more videos coming out but for now here are my 3 most recent new videos:

My buddy Aljoša Kutnjak interviews Artist, Musician, Philosopher, and Founder of the Integral Emergentist rEvolutionary Movement, I AM - David Long (me) for his Slovenian podcast "Začni Razmišljat" or the "Start Thinking Podcast". We talk briefly about my personal history and then get into topics of Integral theory, Pre/Trans distinctions and a skillful use of religious symbolism, problems and potentials within our Integral community, as well as The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and "what to do about Islam?" ect.

I have been working on more "Intro to Integral Theory" material because it is so badly lacking. I started by making a 6 min Intro video and that has almost 4,000 views. So I have been working on more short but in-depth videos with examples and links so people can dig in and see the theory actually at work in the world to hopefully understand it better. Here is my part 1 on Quadrants. (Levels, Lines, States, and Types still to come.) Enjoy:

In one of my newest videos I convert and older written article into a video. It was a bit of a change and an experiment but I hope you like it. You can find the origional not towards the bottom of my philosophy page. It's about why a metaphorical translation or interpretation of Christianity is more appropriate, and more true than the orthodox, literal, and historical read of scripture/mythology. - Featuring: Bart Ehrman, Michael Dowd, and Joseph Campbell.