I AM - David Long


Frank Visser Interview:

I sent Frank Visser, founder of http://www.integralworld.net, some questions, and he sent me some back some answers. I share and comment on Frank's content in hopes he will respond back and we can talk about these ideas more.

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Questions I asked Frank:
3:46 What is your Experience of the Integral Community?
9:08 What would you Idealistically like to see Integral do or be in the world?
12:28 What would you say to people who call you Orange?
16:30 What's your idea of spirituality?
27:46 What are the main areas of criticism on the Integral World webpage?
30:33 What do you say to people who say that Integral World is not the home of good criticism?
32:33 Can you make a brief list of ways Ken Wilber gets Science wrong?
35:02 Why does it matter to you?
36:39 What is the future of Integral?