I AM - David Long



I very much enjoy this series of videos because I get to directly engage with my fans:

02:42 Skillful Integration and healthy development: Different ways to engaging with people and to help individuals & culture to evolve
09:30 Does healthy translation block transformation?
10:04 What would a Transformative Integral religion look like? What would an Integral world of the future look like?
12:06 Recap of what we have said so far
12:27 Work from the inside/agreement
14:12 Are people Integral cognitively but still need to go back and work on other lines?
15:30 Simplicity on the other side of complexity - Integral Theory is easy!
18:44 Men & Women in relation to maturity.
21:03 Being well rounded matters
23:10 Do most people that claim to be Integral represent it well?
28:49 Wrap up - Thanks to supporters!
28:55 People need motivation to move outside of their comfort zones.
30:27 Problems with "3rd tier"

01:37 Reading list:
02:13 Everyday Lines & Multitasking - Integral Life Practice
03:44 Joseph Campbell
03:50 Krishnamurti
03:56 Eckhart Tolle - Power of Now
04:27 Sam Harris
04:37 Ken Wilber
04:54 Bart Ehrman
6:40 Malcolm Gladwell
6:50 Nietzsche6:54 Partially Examined Life Podcast: https://partiallyexaminedlife.com
08:16 TTC- The Great Courses: Esp. Interpreting the 20th Century: The Struggle Over Democracy: Pamela Radcliff & Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication: Bart D. Ehrman
09:11 Radiolab: https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/radiolab
10:40 Saul Williams
11:47 KRS-ONE
12:06 Integral Leadership Rosetta Stone and Integral Management
14:44 Are some Holon more important? - Fundamental vs Significant
16:48 Is Integral Theory Synthetic or Analytic Philosophy?
18:38 Is my music Integral?
19:05 Eminem KamikazE - Tyler the Creator & the changing Zeitgeist
19:44 "Bad" Words
21:03 Musical Intelligence and I dance around
23:22 Wrap Up - Up and Coming Projects

0:28 - Updates - VLOGS, Interviews w/ Daniel Fox, editing down the Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson talks, Patreon Updates, my new video goals, 3R Productions
8:03 - Loneliness, Dealing with the heaviness of life, and the value of community
9:57 - Why can't people see stages until integral?
12:06 - Why isn't Green more Rational if they just came from that stage?
16:51 - How does one grow into Integral?
19:22 - Fluctuation in growth - Take your time and do the work
20:57 - Living Red and paying lip service to Blue or Green.
22:37 - How can Integral wisdom help the Zeitgeist Movement? Integral governance and marketing tools.
27:45 - Like, subscribe, support, buy merch, thank you, peace!

0:17 Updates - Davidian vs Wilberian Integral and other videos
1:47 https://www.reddit.com/r/UpdateAQAL/ - How we can work on the map together
4:48 What should and shouldn't be on an AQAL map
6:25 All living creatures are on the spiral!
7:21 Is Integral anti-theist? - Trans-Rationality/Integral Epistomology
8:31 How can we compare and validate our experaince/knowledge - IMP
9:39 Hard Agnosticism and an honest start vs working backwards from Dogma
10:04 Integral Methodological Pluralism or Zones
10:44 Can we say we know our map is complete or true?
12:16 Ken Wilber perverts his map and betrays his project
13:36 Ken Wilber Dis-track? Disrespectful of Fun?
15:22 Can we know things without good evidance? The limits of personal experaince and relative language and our inability to get at the absolute truth.
18:21 A Quick Integral Assessment: General Altitude, Different lines
20:54: Why is it important to have some idea of someones general altitude pretty quickly? - Be skillful for other people
21:45 Green pitfalls in "COEXIST"
22:18 Maintaining healthy stages vs maintaining a historical cultural expression of a stage
22:47 Wrapping up: Love for the group!