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VLOG:11 - Trip to Florida:

Elissa and I go to Florida (thanks to Kai for the ride to the airport) to pick up my mom's FL van, which she is giving me as a birthday present! (Thanks Mom!) We ate at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, go to the beach, eat some Indian food, and drive back to Arkansas.


I had a great talk with Robert MacNaughton; the Board Director at Impact Hub Boulder, CEO and Co-founder at The Integral Center, Former Director of Marketing at Integral Life, and Former IT Manager at Integral Institute. We got together and talked about his experaince leading the Integral center and what we might be able to do to make it better in the future.

And my Integral brother Jason Grant invited me to speak with him on his YouTube Channel "Integral" and we had a great conversation about trans-rational communication.

Psychedelics & Development | Integral Review #03 (Pollan on "Waking Up" Podcast)

Aljoša Kutnjak and I talk about Psychedelics & Development inspired by Michael Pollan talking about his newest book “How to Change Your Mind” on Sam Harris's "Waking Up" podcast (They cover the the resurgence of interest in psychedelics in clinical practice and end-of-life care, the “betterment of well people,” the relationship between thinking and mental suffering, the differences between psychedelics and meditation, the non-duality of consciousness, the brain’s “default mode network,” their experiences with various psychedelics, and other topics.) with a knowledge of comparitive mythology, psychology, philosophy, Integral Theory, and personal experience with psychedelics and meditation.
Pollan on the Waking Up podcast: https://youtu.be/kmPqbZvhxyY
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Some Thoughts On Editing:

In my newest video I talk about Editing: flow, motivations behind speeding up and slowing down, context and what it would look like to see only the normally edited out "moments of uncertainty"

What You Talkin' 'Bout Wilber:

I recently started a new series of videos critical of Ken Wilber called "What You Talkin' 'Bout Wilber" Starting with an intro video that sets my intention and motivation, and so far I have made videos about "Integral Evolutionary Spirituality" and "I AMness before the Big Bang" but I intend to make several move videos about an unhealthy relationship with science, 3rd tier, states, magical thinking, and what I am calling the "trans-rational benefit of the doubt" etc.

I will also be doing some interviews around this series. So far I know I will be talking with Michael Dowd and Frank Visser, but keep an eye out for more!