I AM - David Long


Intro Material and Basic Philosophy:

This is a video I made about the basic intention behind and aspects of Integral Theory. Other videos and writing below will build on and include idea you will learn about here. Unfortunately there is not a lot of good into material out there so I am trying to help with that.


The video on the left is an intro to Spiral Dynamics voiced by Dr. Don Beck and Veronika Tracy-Smith, and the video's below are my Videos about SD Misconceptions, and Subtleties and why SD shows that "Spiritual Singularity" is not possible:

Also check out this video about The Pre/Trans Fallacy which has to do with different developmental distinctions and common confusions:

A very basic run through ideas about: Epistemology, Different Types of Truth, Integral Quadrants, The Hermeneutic Circle, and Integral Methodological Pluralism or "Zones"

Intro to Integral Theory's "Quadrants" and "Integral Methodological Pluralism", about different aspects of truth: Absolute, Relative, Subjective and Objective, and how to measure them in under 5 mins.

An intro to the 4 quadrants of Integral theory (1 of the 5 main lenses of an AQAL) and give you examples of how understanding these distinctions can be applied with several real world examples.


a "Post-Formal" or "Trans-Rational" view:

In this video I make important distinctions about the nature of reality (idealistic vs Materialistic Metaphysics), spiritual experiences (what they do and don't do), the strengths and limits of science, and the relative nature of language.

Prickles and Goo, What is language?, Science and Art, Science is informed by Philosophy, Eastern vs Western Enlightenment, Unity and Interconnectedness, The Pre/Trans Fallacy - Metaphor, Joseph Campbell - Comparative Mythology, Spiritual Experiences vs Spiritual Technologies, Deep Science - Unfounded Claims, The Wilber/Combs Matrix, Idealistic vs Materialistic Cosmology/Metaphysics, Anthropomorphism and Infinite Regress, What is consciousness?, Life is complicated stuff

Alan Watts, Ken Wilber, Joseph Campbell, Sam Harris, Deepak Chopra, Richard Dawkins, Martin Hanczyc, Carl Sagan, Michael Dowd, Bart Ehrman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, George Herbert Mead

The full length video is 2 hours 25 mins so these are a couple clips about "Spiritual Experiences/ Idealistic vs Materialistic Metaphysics" and "The Pre/Trans Fallacy: Post-Formal/Trans-Rational Translation".

I introduce "Semantic Compatibilism" as a Emergentist/Materialistic Integral synthesis, that takes into account the truths represented in both "free will" and "determinism", and also attempts to deal with how these ideas relates to ethics.


Integral Spirituality & Religious Interpretation:

In this video we talk about Friedrich Nietzsche's Ideas about "Slave Morality and Master Morality" and how that relates to Christian and Pagan/Satanic Symbolism and other related dualities including Jedi vs Sith and Samurai vs Ninja, an Idea of synthesis through the lens of The Aristotelian Golden Mean, and finally Non-duality "Being and Becoming" "Absolute and Relative" "Horizontal and Vertical" represented in these religious traditions in practice.

Friedrich Nietzsche (school of life), Anton LeVey, Douglas Mesner (a.k.a. Lucien Greaves), Joseph Campbell, Aristotle (school of life), Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Michael Dowd, Mark Passio


In this video we make the distinction between Far sighted mish-mashing and Near sighted views that can't see the forest from the trees and the importance of a balanced approach to to religious symbolism using ideas within and around Christianity as an example.

The 4 S's of an Integral Spiritual Practice (expanding upon the 3 S's that Ken Wilber mentions) Talking about self mastery, self creation, integral magick, spiral wizardry, skillful communication, translations and transformation, Integral leadership/activism, the importance of studying philosophy, and why we DON'T want to just pick one tradition and stick with it. (that's not what Integral is about)




A video about how Improv works, the interplay between theory and practice, and how that relates to Integral Life Practice.


"What You Talkin' 'Bout Wilber" on Ken Wilber:


Integral Reflections on Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson:


I AM - David Long on Steve McIntosh:

Short Trailer above and Full Video to the right

(I AM) David Long takes a critical look at the ideas/belief system shared by Steve McIntosh about a personal benevolent creator God, Perfection, Transcendence, The Omega Point, how they do or do not relate to Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, and issues within our Integral community at large.

Introduction - Areas of Agreement, Intention behind the making of this video, Opening Questions (Cosmology and Telos), Steve's Answers, A Deeper Look at Steve's Belief System, Unfounded Claims - A Lack of Integrity, Evolutionary Spirituality and Science, Bracket That - Not Enough Time, Logical Problems w/ his Response, What is the Omega Point?

Bad Methodology - Unskillful Integration: Personal Experience of the Absolute, The Hermeneutic Circle, Confirmation Bias, The Wilber/Combs Matrix, Looking in the Appropriate Quadrant for Data, Far Sighted Mish-Mashing, "Attractor Basin" as a Justification for Theism, Interdependent Polarity?

A Healthy Relationship to Life & Nature - Non-Dual (Absolute Perfection/Relative Suffering), Theodicy - The Problem of Evil/Suffering, Anthropocentric Notions of Absolute Perfection, Bad Design, Joseph Campbell on Absolute Telos, Humans are not the End of Evolution, Inevitable Perfection?

Pre/Trans Distinctions: Good&Bad, Integration/Translation - What IS and IS NOT "Trans-Rational", Prickles and Goo Watch Star Wars, The Pre/Trans Fallacy, Vision Logic, The Cup/Poetry & The Sword/Rationality, Ken Wilber on Joseph Campbell & The Pre/Trans Fallacy, Joseph Campbell on Myth and Metaphor, Inside/WE Speak and Outside Skillful Means, Michael Dowd - Trans-Rational Demonstration, Comparing Mike & Steve, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Person Perspectives of God, Conclusion & Review

Now What - IErM - Don Beck on Wilber & 3 Tier Stages, Integral Integrity/Split, Ken Wilber, Jeff Salzman, Terry Patten & Urantria, Call to action, Integral Split - Join The IErM

IErM Facebook Group:

This is a very long video (and I was actually trying to keep it short) 2 hours and 48 mins, so not only have a made a 5 min trailer that should be an "enough said" to show their are clearly some problems here but I also broke the video into chapters and clips which are posted below. (chapter/clip description and content listed on the left)


And a year after the fact I respond to feedback about the origional video:


An Integral view of Art & Music:

David and Scott Marshall talk about their understanding of ART within an integral framework and share on "The Wisdom Factory". Full length video below:



David talks about his musical influences, his own personal musical history, and popular musical styles through the lens of Spiral Dynamics.


Kevin and David:


David and Kevin discuss the virtues of going Vegan, or cutting animal products from your diet and lifestyle. This video covers health reasons, moral arguments, bad moral arguments, psychology, "is veganism enough?" and tips at the end about going vegan. Enjoy.




Kevin and David discuss George Herbert Mead and his idea about how self is created through linguistics, self talk, and social influence, seeing yourself through the eyes of other, "I and Me" talk, and "Intersubjective linguistically mediated perspective taking".